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Dayspring Executive Function Coaching Program is now Strive Coaching

Teenagers are awesome. Our executive function coaches think so too, and are thrilled to work with junior high and high school students.  As parents, you love your kids and know them better than anyone, but sometimes another voice of influence is needed.  That’s what we are here for.

If your son or daughter is disorganized, unmotivated, or forgetful, and you cannot understand why they don’t just try harder, then let’s discuss what we can do to work together to steer them on the path to success.

Maybe they earned good grades in elementary school, but now in junior high their GPA has dropped and they don’t seem to care.  Or, your high school student doesn’t seem too concerned about the fact that if they don’t start improving their academic performance soon, then it’s going to be quite difficult to make the jump to a good college.  And their bedroom, backpack, and locker at school are all a mess, which isn’t helping matters.

Life gets much more complex as kids transition from a child to a teenager, and from teenager to adult.  Fortunately, there are many tools and strategies that can be  implemented in order to achieve small wins.  And once small wins start to pile up at school and at home, then the mood changes, the motivation increases, and momentum builds.  This is exactly what we want for your family.  The benefits of executive function coaching will not only help them today, but it will last a lifetime.

Your child is unique and gifted and we want to partner with you to guide them toward a life of happiness, independence and productivity.  We would love to team your son or daughter with one of our Executive Function coaches who help students develop the life skills necessary to reach their potential.

We can coach your kids to help them:

  • Set goals and establish steps to achieve them
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Begin projects with less procrastination
  • Retain information
  • Get more organized and keep track of their stuff
  • Accurately determine how much time tasks will take
  • Finish goals without letting distractions steer them sideways.
  • Flexibly alter plans when the obstacles of life interfere.
  • Self-monitor how they are doing.