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Meet Our Team

Dr. Amy Ford started Dayspring Behavioral Health in 2012. Dayspring’s values and mission statement are to improve the lives of our community by uncovering strengths, building momentum to overcome life’s challenges. We care deeply about families in our area and are here to help through assessment, counseling and educational services.

Assessment Team

Dr Amy Ford

Dr Amy Ford

Founder, CEO and Assessment Director

Dr. Amy is a clinical psychologist and board certified school neuropsychologist who provides assessment services for children and adolescents ages 4-25. Dr. Amy has been working in the mental health field for over 15 years. Dr. Amy received a Masters degree from Pepperdine University with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Amy received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Seattle, Washington with a specialization in child psychology and neuropsychology. Dr. Amy completed pre-doctoral internships at the Center for Autism and Related Disorders in Tarzana, California and the University of Washington CARE clinic in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Amy’s specialization and training include child and adolescent mental health, neurodevelopment differences including Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit Disorders, mood and behavioral disorders, personality disorders, assessment of disability, and learning disorders.

Dr. Amy’s approach is strength based, no-nonsense, cognitive-behavioral, systems, supportive and challenging.

Dr. Amy started Dayspring Behavioral Health in 2012 with the goal of creating a team of well qualified mental health professionals to provide therapy, assessment services and educational support services that results in greater mental wellness and improved functioning. Dr. Amy and her team are dedicated to delivering research based treatments and a holistic approach to mental wellness.

In her spare time, Dr. Amy enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, coaching cross country and track teams, and training for endurance races.

Veronica Felstad

Dr. Veronica Felstad

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Provides services in English and Spanish

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and a Post Doctoral Fellow. I am currently working as a therapist and a psychometrist. As a therapist, I have experience working with teenagers and adults struggling with mental, emotional, and situational challenges. I view my therapy work as collaborative, relational, and interpersonal and always try to maintain a strength-based approach. I have found that no one person is alike or benefits from the same things, and thus when necessary I can integrate more cognitive-behavioral therapies in my practice. In addition, I incorporate mindfulness and teach relaxation and stress-reducing techniques. The most important part of therapy for me is the therapeutic relationship, and strive to make an environment that is compassionate, non-judgmental, and kind. I am here to make you be your best self and to alleviate any suffering that might be getting in the way. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.

As a psychometrist, I have experience assessing children and adults for ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders. I worked under Dr. Ford’s supervision in 2016-2017 learning different tests and conducting assessments. I have recently graduated with my Doctorate and I am thrilled to be back to continue refining my skills in neuropsychological assessments. I can help you find out how your brain works, what your areas of strength are, and what are some areas where you need additional support. Along with the assessment team, we want you to be able to use our findings to help you be successful.

I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and coworkers. When I am not doing therapy or assessments, you can probably find me traveling, salsa/Latin dancing, singing, listening to music, watching Spanish soap operas, or getting puppy loves from my dog, Avi.

Stephanie Bowser

Dr. Stephanie Bowser

Post Doctoral Fellow

Haley Miller-Boren

Dr. Haley Miller-Boren

Post Doctoral Fellow

Kelly McColm-Whitelow

Kelly McColm-Whitelow

Post Doctoral Fellow

I received my bachelor’s in social work and minor in biology and psychology from former Concordia University in Portland, OR, I earned my master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, with an emphasis on neuropsychology.

I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults, conducting both psychotherapy and psychological/neuropsychological testing. I’ve worked with NFL retired players assessing for neurodegenerative disorders, TBI as well as concussion. I also have passion for helping children with neurodevelopmental disorders and being able to provide answers to parents and caregivers as well give helpful recommendations to assist in treatment.

I completed my doctoral internship at the Child and Family Center in Santa Clarita, where I conducted individual and family psychotherapy and psychological testing with children and adolescents who were either in foster care or being adopted, and advocated for these children with their schools, including recommending appropriate accommodations. Additionally, I have sat in IEP meetings to better assist children needing accommodation.

Although most of my experience is rooted in testing, I have provided mental health services to various populations in different settings including grade school, community-based clinic, and private practice working with diverse diagnoses including depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ASD, Attachment disorders, family conflicts and more.

Throughout my training in this field, I have found myself drawn to the Bowenian family systems theory. I appreciate how this theory can be modified to fit a specific population as well as the role of the family to assist individuals towards change. Bowen family systems theory emphasizes that a person cannot be understood separately from other people in the system, but rather, people can be understood in the context of their family and community systems. To understand why a person acts in a certain way, it is important to understand their interconnectedness and interdependence to the system. Individuals and their systems are interconnected. According to Bowen’s theory, each member plays a role in the family system, and members of the system are likely to respond to one another in certain ways according to their roles. I also use cognitive behavioral therapy to teach my client the connection between thoughts and feelings and how they influence behaviors. This is just 2 theories in my toolbox, and it is not a “one size fits all.”

I believe that every child is unique and should be treated fairly and lovingly. I make it my personal aim to always treat people with love, respect, and hope and children are no exception. In this same way, I enjoy working with children and those with mental disabilities. I mostly love helping them adjust to life and accept their authentic self despite the circumstances they are in.

A'me Dunn

A'me Dunn

Psychometrist II

Medication Management


Lindsay Erdmann

Family Nurse Practitioner

Hello there, very nice to meet you! My name is Lindsay, and I am a nurse practitioner here at Dayspring. I have been a nurse since 2009. I graduated with my bachelor’s in psychology with an emphasis on children and family dynamics in 2013 and earned my master’s in nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner certification in 2018. I am currently attending Dartmouth College working towards my master's in healthcare administration. Throughout all phases of my career in healthcare, I have been passionate about empowering my patients and their families to be an active part of the treatment team. I have experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults living with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, OCD, PTSD, and bipolar disorders. I believe my patients are the experts on their strengths and needs, and I am here to guide further treatment that may be helpful.

I am new to the PNW, having moved from the East Coast in 2022. In my spare time you will find me spending time with my dog or my son, dancing bachata, and hopefully on a beach somewhere warm!

Clinical Team

Mary Brandenburg

Mary Brandenburg


We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. – Mother Teresa

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor. I love helping people to choose life and tap into their strengths to accept the things they cannot change, to change the things they can and to become active writers of their life’s story. I offer unconditional acceptance and a voice of radical honesty. I have a collaborative and integrative approach. I understand that people are the experts on themselves and every person is complex and needs an approach tailored to their unique situation. I embrace a holistic approach which considers your spirit, mind, body and community. With your permission, I will work with your doctors (MD, ND, PhD) to provide a team effort for your best care.

I am passionate about the work I do as a psychotherapist and even after decades of experience working with people, I still love to laugh.

I work with adolescents with “old souls,” emerging adults, and adults in all stages of life’s challenges and transitions. I am well acquainted with trauma, anxiety, unipolar and bipolar depression. My clients are individuals and couples both hetero- and homosexual. I am an ally to the LGBTQ community.
I also offer Telehealth sessions via a secure HIPAA compliant site.

As a 2x cancer survivor I live with an awareness that life is NOW. I believe in authenticity and integrity to say what you mean and mean what you say. Radical (not brutal) honesty comes from finding and using your genuine voice. My job is to facilitate discovery.

There are people, places and things that suck the life right out of us. Many of those are unavoidable. My approach is to make a list of things that are life-giving and invest time in those people, places and things to counterbalance life suck and keep us thriving.

Therapy is not a one size fits all proposition. Therefore, I am integrative, drawing from several modes of therapy: mindfulness-based cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, narrative, positive psychology, existential, gestalt and psychodynamic (to name a few). I am also collaborative, I have expertise but YOU are the expert on YOU.

My life’s work is to be a trusted, healing person to those in pain. My therapy room is many things: a confessional, a delivery room, a crucible, a place of radical honesty with a whole lot of grace. Most of all it is a safe place to tell your story, to process thoughts and feelings, to tell deep, dark secrets, to find strength and hope, to cry and to heal. I believe the very nature of love is redemptive and the economy of the universe will use all things. Simply, the worst lemons can become the sweetest lemonade.

This is how I choose life. I love to play in the soil. I am an organic gardener with an addiction to creating perennial gardens. Whether working or playing I love being outdoors. I am curious and adventurous. I love to explore and discover. I love walking and hiking. I am a life-long learner and an avid reader/researcher. I read self-help, feminist authors, historical fiction and mysteries. I am also a supporter of LGBTQ rights

In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein
Only in the darkness can you see the stars. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Kris Rouse

Kristoffer Rouse

Director of Counseling Internships

“Virtually every kid is exposed to giants and ogres and talking wolves, and so forth. And magic. And I think you never outgrow your love for those imaginative, fanciful, far-fetched, fantastic characters and situations.” -Stan Lee

“That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero” - Stan Lee

I am a Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist currently in the process of completing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. My clinical interests include working with children, adolescents and young adults who are neurodiverse and often feel misunderstood. I have experience and find enjoyment working with: ADHD, behavioral disorders, Autism Spectrum, anger management, anxiety, depression, video game addiction, and the unique challenges young adults face transitioning into adulthood.

Some describe me as “the real deal nerd” as I am well versed with all things Marvel, DC, anime, Pokemon, Minecraft, and many other fandoms. I enjoy incorporating video games and nerd references into my therapeutic work to help bridge the gap between inner worlds. Oftentimes this opens up dialogue and lowers defenses to provide a collaborative space for open and honest reflection. Working within you or your child’s framework is an essential part of building a strong therapeutic alliance.

I strive to help my clients work towards their full potential and provide tools and alternative viewpoints to help them get there. My therapeutic approach is eclectic, science based, and intuitive. Everyone’s needs are different and I strive to tailor my approach to meet my client’s needs and goals. Getting you to the point where you can achieve “maximum effort” is what I am all about. I have a passion for helping children “reprogram” their challenging behavior and create long term change through behavioral modification and cognitive restructuring.

Hypnotherapy offers a unique way to bypass cognitive defenses and gain traction in re-wiring unhelpful thought patterns and working towards healing (No, I will not take over your mind or make you dance like a chicken). Through hypnotherapy, I have seen clients find success in alleviating distress, improving self esteem and confidence, and overcoming psychological/emotional trauma. Hypnotherapy can be helpful in treating anxiety, phobias, trauma, depression, and building healthy habits. (For more information on hypnotherapy, please visit:

More About Me:
When I am not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my kids and loved ones. I enjoy deep conversations about quantum physics, spirituality, comic books, and research studies. I am additionally trained in martial arts, psychometry, and I am a yearly Comic Con attendee. My friends describe me as calming, innovative, and like the Batman of our office.

Wesley Premoe

Wesley Premoe

Counseling Clinical Director

My name is Wesley Premoe and I am the Clinical Director of Counseling and also one of the Mental Health Counselors at Dayspring. I have been with Dayspring since September of 2017, working with people from the age of nine and up. I enjoy working with my team and clients to help them develop a sense of personal improvement. I have a passion for helping people find skills to help navigate life.

Dealing with a Different Life
I enjoy helping people with anxiety, depression and/or managing neurodiversity through find improvement in their quality of life. One of the commonalities that I find across these attributes is the misunderstood perception of the common people. When working with my clients, I host a safe environment to discuss and process the experiences that these materials cause. I also help collaborate with my clients in order to find coping skills that fits their needs. I believe knowing where our issues lie is the first step, then processing the issues, then implementing tools.

Getting into Gear
I also like to help people in dealing with issues in motivation. In these cases, I look to take the approach of Motivational Interviewing (a mode within Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). We work on identifying the deficit and identifying options of action to promote movement. In sessions with me, the expectation is that I’m working in tandem with my clients to discover areas of opportunity for growth. Once those areas are exposed, we work together to determine next steps for the client to use as they feel fit. My role as the counselor is to help uncover those opportunities and collaborate on the best next steps on my client’s developmental journey.

Adjusting to a New Season
The final subset of material that I enjoy helping with is dealing with life transitions. Sometimes people need someone to help walk them through a mentally or emotionally draining part of their life. These things could include change in home, career, worldview, school, relationship status and more. In these sessions, I believe that it is critical for the person to be heard. I also think it’s helpful for a second perspective to identify the situation in a different light. In appropriate moments, we can also work on coping skills in order to get through tough situations like the one’s we would be dealing with in an adjustment period.

About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Sometimes, changing emotions or behaviors can be a difficult task to take on. Maybe you deal with overwhelming emotions that cause distress on a reoccurring and exhaustive basis. Maybe you continuously fall to unhealthy life patterns or simply make poor choices often. I believe that changing the way we think about an issue can influence both emotions and actions. I ascribe closest to cognitive behavioral therapy as my mode of practice. I am a firm believer in changing thinking in order to influence change in feelings and behaviors. In hosting therapy, I spend time teaching my clients to challenge their thinking and formulate new points of view. I also work on developing coping mechanisms that are healthy and effective per the needs of the client. In fit circumstances, I may employ existential methods to those looking for motivation or help determining life direction.

More About Me
In my free time, I enjoy writing and playing music. Musical expression is one of my favorite ways to decompress and one of my most effective coping skills. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and cats, playing video games or simply enjoying each other’s company. Other interests of mine include rock climbing, outdoor running, Star Wars, and professional baseball.

Kate Chrisinger

Kate Chrisinger


Hello! I am Kate and I am a counselor at Dayspring Behavioral Health. I have a passion for working with children, teenagers, young adults and parents/caregivers. I enjoy working with my clients to navigate challenges related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem, social skills, behavioral issues and school success. I also have experience working with clients regarding autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, family changes/divorce and grief/loss. I work with clients to help them better understand their emotions and more effectively cope. I particularly enjoy working with clients on issues related to anxiety and social skills. I also have a special interest in working with parents on parenting concerns and ways to support their children or teenagers.

I work collaboratively with my clients and have a supportive, educational and direct approach. I am focused on identifying and working towards goals, and finding solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific experience. I frequently use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to help my clients increase awareness of their emotions, develop new insights and establish new coping skills. Ultimately I view myself as a skill builder, insight facilitator and parent coach.

I work with children, teens, young adults and parents alike to build coping skills to address challenges in their lives. I work with clients to create an individualized “toolbox” of skills to help them more effectively cope.

I believe knowledge is power, and I work with my clients to develop new insights about their thoughts, feelings and behavior. We can then use this knowledge to identify and work towards making positive change.

I enjoy working collaboratively with parents to help them best support their child or teen. I frequently work with parents who are struggling to understand their child’s experience, having difficulty getting their child to “open up” or whose child is struggling with anxiety, school performance, behavioral concerns or other issues.

When out of the office, you can find me cooking, gardening, biking, swimming or skiing. I also love traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Ashley Sweigart

Ashley Sweigart


I am an Art Psychotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I view my work with teens and adults as a collaborative relationship aimed at inspiring and empowering clients to create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. I have experience helping clients navigate many of life’s challenges including, but not limited to: trauma- and stressor- related disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders, life transitions, grief, self-esteem, shame and guilt, interpersonal relationships, women’s issues, and chronic pain. I consider myself to be an advocate for and ally to those seeking well-being, balance, greater ease, and emotional freedom.

There is no disconnect between body and mind—for either to function optimally, both must be cared for. Therefore in therapy, I do not solely attend to matters of the mind. I work with clients in a holistic way, offering encouragement to activate the foundations of health—proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and vigorous exercise—to benefit overall well-being.

We live in a society that places great value on doing and achieving ever more. Constant work, overstimulation, incessant social media demands, et cetera can lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression. I challenge clients to make difficult choices about priorities in an effort to cultivate a more balanced life.

Life can be difficult. Through fostering self-awareness, enhancing cognitive flexibility and creative problem-solving skills, and promoting healthy relaxation strategies, I aim to help clients navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and inner peace.

Left unchecked, human emotions sometimes yield unhelpful and unhealthy patterns in thought and behavior. Through exploration and self-work, clients can regain a sense of agency and emotional freedom—the ability to respond to situations thoughtfully rather than repeatedly falling victim to automatic emotional reactions.

I am eclectic in my approach to therapy, as one approach does not fit all, and I employ methods from several therapeutic modalities. In broad terms, my therapeutic stance is holistic and person centered. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a powerful agent of change and, therefore, I value building trust and a strong rapport with my clients. Additionally, as an art therapist, I believe engagement in art making is life-enhancing and that bringing the creative process into therapy facilitates healing and growth.

Art therapy allows clients an opportunity for exploration and making meaning of complex human experiences. You do not have to be an artist or “good at art” to benefit from art therapy. In fact, art therapy is much more about the process of creating than it is about the final product.

Making art can facilitate healing and growth by engaging different areas of the brain, providing different perspectives, and increasing problem-solving skills. Art also offers a nonverbal method of emotional expression for when “talking about it” is too hard. Additionally, art making can be an effective way to improve mood, build self-esteem, and enhance self-awareness. For more information about art therapy, please visit the American Art Therapy Association website.

I believe that nature is inherently healing and enjoy spending time out of doors with friends and family doing many activities, including: running, backpacking, gardening, and treasure hunting. When I am not outside, I spend my time creating, reading, and journaling. I strive to live at ease and with kindness.

Jason Schlatter

Jason Schlatter


Howdy, I’m Jason! If connecting with your teen, your parents, your partner, or yourself is something you have a hard time doing, I am here to help! Working with others who struggle with past hurts, traumas, anxiety, depression, executive functioning, and relationship issues is what I do. You can be a young person just walking into middle school hallways for the first time, or having just celebrated your retirement, my door is open to you! Mental health is important at any age. My hope is to walk alongside anyone who wants to make positive change in their mental well-being, relationship, or world.

Talking to a complete stranger about life can be a little weird, so here is a little about me; I love taking time to be with friends, treat my sweet tooth, watch sci-fi/action movies, and work on cars. While I consider myself mechanically inclined, I know people take a little longer to rewire than a car. It takes time to reach personal goals and find healing, but I believe time spent with others can be the best investment!

How do I do therapy? My approach is to tailor my treatment to my client. I know that one size does not fit all! My primary methods involve utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Humanistic Existential Therapy. Doing what I can to connect on a relational level is also very important. There’s typically two experts in the room when I’m working; I’ll be the one with the knowledge in counseling, and I will need your expertise on you!

So what’s my experience working with others? I started off working with young men, ages 8-21, in residential group home and detention center settings. Many faced struggles in the foster care system, the Dept. of Corrections, and knowing how to have positive relationships in their lives. I later worked in public schools providing behavior therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum and with behavior disorders. Having support through school is one of the most important things for students. I have also served in a university-based community mental health clinic and one college counseling center for engineering students. There I could help those facing the first years as an adult, making career track decisions, and still having to study! Since then, I joined the staff at Dayspring Behavioral Health working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples from all walks of life.

Daniel Kane

Daniel Kane


I am a licensed mental health counselor associate and certified medical family therapist. I work with individuals, couples, and families to help find solutions to problems that have left them feeling powerless. I completed a year-long externship providing psychotherapy for those afflicted by cancer at Swedish Cancer Institute. I have worked at Dayspring Behavioral Health for 4 years. Problems I have helped with include, but are not limited to: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Chronic and Terminal Illness, Marital and Interpersonal Conflict, ADHD, Spirituality/Faith Issues, Identity Development Issues, and Difficult Life Transitions.

Human beings are wired for connection. The problems we experience can leave us feeling isolated, broken, and powerless. Those who are suffering are often told to “get over it,” “just look on the bright side,” or “it could be worse.” Not everyone is comfortable around human suffering. I am someone who will sit beside those who feel cast aside and unseen. I help people deconstruct problems and rewrite their narrative. I operate from several therapeutic modalities in order to provide the best treatment for my clients. People are diverse and so are their problems. I believe in teaching skills and finding potential.

A narrative is a story we believe properly describes our lives. However, we can be mired by problematic stories we tell ourselves or have had thrust upon us. I am strange. I am not a good friend. I am depressed. We typically experience problems when we live by those short descriptions. They leave out so much about a person. By breaking down these narratives, I help people re-author their lives.

People often expect therapy to provide them with “tools.” I think therapeutic tools are great, if you know how to use them. I believe therapy is about developing skills and finding long-term solutions. I am trained to use many common therapy models and I hope to tailor my approach to fit the client and their needs.

Does your child struggle with low self-esteem? Are anger outbursts a common occurrence? Is it difficult for them to do well in school and connect with others? Perhaps your child has not yet realized they are a superhero in the making. Perhaps they are need of a superhero coach! Superheroes may be fictitious but their effects on our lives are very real. I am well-versed in the world of imagination and bring that in my therapeutic approach with kids. I help kids see themselves as extraordinary people and realize their potential.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I am a self-proclaimed nerd and I am a passionate Denver Broncos fan. Running out in nature is my favorite way to unwind. I hope to see more of the world and meet as many people as I can.

Medical family therapy is all about integrated care. A medical family therapist acts as a bridge between medical providers to help people feel cared for. People can often become frustrated when they have several medical providers that do not seem to talk with one another. It can also be disheartening when people do not feel like they completely understand their treatment plan or have a say in it. Medical family therapists help people have more control of their care and improve communication with medical providers

Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Galeucia


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, currently practicing at Dayspring Behavioral Health. Along with being a therapist, I consider myself to be a child and teen advocate, a family healer, a feelings ninja, and an expert story listener. I work with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. My main client population is children, teens, and families, though I do work with
adults of all ages as well.

To guide my practice, I draw from experience providing emotional, social, and behavioral support in many diverse settings. Throughout my career I’ve held positions that have given me experience with a variety of clients. At the beginning of my career, while doing my Bachelors in Psychology, I worked in the homes and community with clients diagnosed with Autism, sensory processing disorders, and behavioral struggles, ages 2 to 28. Later, I worked in several school settings, Kindergarten through 12th grade, both in the classroom and as a school counselor. In this later work, I provided support for clients with ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar, behavioral issues, family conflict, parenting issues, coping skills, and those struggling with life transitions.

I do not believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy. A technique, strategy, or therapeutic approach that works for one client, will not work for everyone. Therefore, I pull from several theories of therapy in order to help clients move towards growth and healing. Along with that, I believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important parts of therapy. I hope to hold a space where my clients feel comfortable to explore their feelings, thoughts, relationships, and experiences. I wholeheartedly believe that sometimes you have to “shop around” for the therapist you are going to click with, and that’s okay. I would be honored to be a part of this journey even if only a short time.

When not in the office, I spend my time outside typically with my dog, Carbon, friends and/or family, or I am off exploring as I love traveling. When Mother Nature does not agree with this, I spend time curled up with a good book, crafting, listening to records that were passed down from my parents, rock climbing, and trying to keep plants alive.

Chelsea Harbottle

Chelsea Max


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. It’s a great honor to work with teens and adults in their struggle to heal and enrich themselves. I have experience helping people navigate anxiety, depression, ADHD, complex trauma, grief, relational issues, identity issues, self-esteem, and life transitions.

The Self
Identity is a constantly changing construct. Some of us might be trying to find who we are, and some of us may feel we have lost ourselves. Through educational, nonjudgmental strengths-based discussions, I help my clients process the different parts of themselves and find empowerment in their individuality and autonomy.

Our relationships have equal capacities for love and hurt. Whether you are a little uncertain or at the end of your rope, counseling can help you sort through the mess to find the magic. I use an Emotion-Focused, Systems, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy based practice to build awareness, accountability, and security in relationships.

The World
The forces bigger and stronger than us in the world can be debilitating at times of vulnerability and pain. Grief, trauma, and life itself are common entities I encounter with my clients through a combined spiritual and science based perspective. Learning how to conceptualize your universe helps us let go of forces beyond our control, and confront what we can change.

How I Help
I operate from a client-centered perspective, which employs a diverse array of therapeutic modalities (CBT, DBT, EFT, Systems theory) to meet the needs of every person. I also have a naturally comedic and energetic disposition, and I am a strong believer that laughter is a healing tool.

More About Me
When I'm not out on the town enjoying family or friends or walking my Aussie, Sydney, I flourish in an “in-doorsy” lifestyle that fosters my passion for movies and television. Some of my favorites include Lord of the Rings, Full-Metal Alchemist, and 30 Rock.

Kristina McManamen

Kristina McManamen


I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Associate. I received my Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California with a concentration in Adult Mental Health and Wellness. I did my clinical internship conducting individual and group therapy at Community Psychiatric Clinic, and I facilitated group therapy at Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital.

My specialization is to work with adults in individual therapy to address experiences of depression, anxiety, and trauma. I am curious about the impact of trauma and difficult childhood experiences on present day self-regulation, relationship patterns, and parenting.

I utilize a mixture of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy, Behavioral Activation Therapy, somatic exploration, and psychoeducation. I aim to provide a safe space to explore the impact of past experiences while building healthier self-care tools and relationships.

I would love to hear about your story, your strengths, and what you're looking to work on.

I unwind by exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I enjoy running, camping, and hiking. I am often either chasing after my two children, gardening with my husband, or listening to a memoir.


Kim D'Angelo


Hello, I am Kimberly and I am passionate about partnering with clients on their journey to discover or rediscover their purpose and goals in life so clients can live the best version of themselves. We all get stuck sometimes and lose our direction or focus on life. My goal is to partner with clients to find their path forward and rekindle joy and meaning in their lives. With a background in higher education collaborating with individuals of all ages from 18-75, I aim to explore what is holding individuals back from realizing their goals and dreams and then to identify their career or life path To do this, I use cognitive behavioral, and solutions focused therapeutic tools in addition to a strengths-based framework, mindfulness and positive psychology. I also subscribe to a holistic view of mental health, meaning that it is important to examine not only mental health but also physical health as well as social health (because as individuals we do not live in isolation but rather, we live in relationship with others and our broader community). Equally important is “giving voice” because finding one’s voice and the ability to articulate and identify needs, desires, and dreams leads to empowerment and builds self-efficacy or belief in a client’s ability to succeed and move forward.

An important part of therapy with clients is learning about your story, what makes you, you. I actively listen and engage in knowing and understanding your story, your joy, pain, moments you are proud of and times when you faced hurts or wounds. By knowing clients’ stories and collaborating with you to reframe and embrace your life story, this is where together, we can learn about your strengths, resiliency, and work on healing the wounds of the past. These wounds of the past can often overshadow clients’ strengths, joy and life goals, so in a collaborative manner, I help clients to take their past with them in a new way and focus on a positive path forward.

I partner with clients to set goals whether big or small, that help move you forward on your journey. These goals help to build self-efficacy small successes can lead to an increase in life satisfaction, better mental health outcomes and overall healthy living. Along with collaborating on setting goals, I keep you accountable and check in to see where you are at in the process. If the goal is too big or difficult to attain, then together we will adjust these goals. Sometimes it takes time to keep accountable to yourself and the path forward so my work is to collaborate with clients, to discover what is holding you back, revise goals, or take smaller steps to reach your desired outcome.

I work with clients from a variety of diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I believe that a client’s unique historical roots, culture, & values, are important to understanding a clients’ life journey. I also work with clients who are facing life transitions, such as career, schooling, parenting, empty nesters, those in new relationships and/or ending relationships. My primary age of clients is 16 through late adulthood.


Katie MacLaren


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate with a background in working with individuals from all walks of life. I received my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwest University. Prior to coming to Dayspring Behavioral Health, I worked in various community mental health agencies and social work settings.

I particularly enjoy working with adolescents and young adults facing life transitions and providing support in navigating life’s challenges. I view it as an honor to hear others’ unique and valuable stories and life experiences. It is my goal to provide a space for you that fosters trust and rapport in order to openly explore your past and current experiences without judgment.

Prior Experience and Training
I have experience working with a broad range of populations, from children to geriatrics in both counseling and social advocacy roles. I have experience working with a wide range of mental health, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, neurodiversity, behavioral and emotional challenges of middle school and adolescents,trauma-related disorders and grief/loss.
I particularly enjoy working with children/adolescents and young adults. I also enjoy working with adults struggling with anxiety, trauma, and life transitions.

My Approach to Therapy
My work is heavily influenced by my belief that it is when we are in a relationship with others that healing can occur.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”
― John Joseph Powell

Building a therapeutic alliance is foundational in the process of facilitating change. I work to collaborate with clients in creating a treatment plan that is meaningful and holistic, incorporating strengths, meaningful activity, and social engagement. My approach is person-centered, strengths-based, goal orientated, and relational. Though I pull from different evidence-based practices, I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Motivational-Interviewing, and Attachment-Based Therapy. I also have a passion for integrating creativity in the counseling process with art and music therapy.

My goal is to help clients to process experiences and develop insight into thoughts and feeling that influence behavior and life choices. I also provide coping skills education and practice within sessions in order to support improvement in managing emotions and challenges in day-to-day life.

More about me:
In my spare time, I enjoy being by the water or out in nature. I am also a huge fan of music and film and am a bit of a history nerd. I love spending time with my whippet Luna, who is a professional cuddler, who can also go from 0 to 35 mph when she is ready to get some energy out. Creative outlets are really important to me and love writing, painting, and daydreaming about traveling to different parts of the world.


Danielle Demars Chandler


Hello! I'm Danielle, a dedicated mental health counselor with a passion for helping individuals navigate life's challenges and discover their inner resilience. I specialize in working with clients facing a wide range of issues, including anxiety, OCD, Autism, ADHD, trauma, and the complexities of life adjustments. My therapeutic approach is person-centered, which means I tailor my counseling to your unique needs and experiences. I believe that you are the expert of your own life, and together, we'll work towards understanding and addressing the challenges you face.

I also draw from evidence-based therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), to provide you with practical tools to manage anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, attention deficit challenges, and the aftermath of traumatic experiences.

Holistic Approach
I emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to mental health. I'll work with you to explore how factors like nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness can play a pivotal role in enhancing your mental well-being. This comprehensive perspective ensures a more well-rounded and sustainable path to mental health and overall wellness.

Who I Serve
My practice is inclusive and open to individuals of all ages, from children to teens and adults. I believe that effective counseling can benefit people at every stage of life, and I'm dedicated to tailoring my approach to meet the needs of each client, regardless of their age or background.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you're ready to start your therapeutic journey. I look forward to working with you.


Naomi Talty


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate; I come to Dayspring with over 2 years experience in community mental health and previous background in education and human services. I am a lifelong learner, and someone who enjoys having flexibility in daily life.

Who I work with
I am passionate about helping people embrace their individuality, recognize and build upon their strengths, and create the life they want to live. I have worked with individuals of all ages and ability levels, but find I am best suited for teens and young adults. Those starting to venture into adulthood often feel ill-prepared, and I enjoy walking with them on this journey. I also support those experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem/image concerns, emotion regulation, religious/spiritual issues or traumas, and those within the neurodivergent community on managing daily life challenges.

I consider myself a strengths-based practitioner, engaging clients in recognizing what makes them unique and helping them utilize the tools and abilities they already have in order to heal. As every person I meet is so unique, there is no one preferred type of therapy, however I use a combination of evidenced based practices with emphasis on cognitive-behavior approaches (CBT, DBT, MI) and Solution-focused approaches.

More About Me
When I’m not in the office, I’m often hanging out with family and friends, as well as four-legged loves. Indoors, I love playing card games, doing jigsaw puzzles, and dabbling in painting. You can find me outdoors when the sun is out, and the weather is warm.

“It’s okay to make mistakes, to have bad days, to be less than perfect, to do what’s best for you, to be yourself.” ~ Stacie Swift

Amy Lemay

Amy Lemay


I offer compassionate and supportive psychotherapy for teens, adults, parents/caregivers, and couples. I am certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), but draw heavily from Relational Gestalt, Internal Family Systems (IFS), attachment theory, neuroscience, mindfulness, and somatic awareness of the body. My approach is holistic, as I view all humans as being impacted by their relationships, communities, and the larger environments and systems they exist within.

Many of the individuals I work with are experiencing the effects of depression, anxiety, health issues, grief, or trauma. You may feel disconnected from your body and from others, or carry feelings of deeply-rooted shame and inadequacy. I will respect you as being the expert of your own experience, and will join you in our ‘here and now’ with warmth and curiosity. We’ll co-create a secure and trusting relationship from which you can be seen and accepted, without judgment. This meaningful connection allows us to engage in the brave and tender work of navigating your human experience and exploring new avenues for gentle growth and healing.

For parents/caregivers, I am trained in nonviolent and positive parenting practices. Raising children can be overwhelming, messy, and confusing, and often activates our own felt vulnerabilities. For parents with compounding circumstances, such as intergenerational trauma or early attachment wounding, this can feel particularly amplified. Therapy for parents provides a safe space for you to process your emotions, learn new strategies, and receive support through the challenges you’re facing.

For couples, I offer an unbiased approach that explores the unique dynamics of your relationship. Specifically, we’ll investigate your communication patterns, your value systems, how you attune to one another, how you soothe one another, and how your attachment histories and current strategies for regulation may be impacting your relationship. We’ll work towards your goals for your future, which may include reestablishing connection, replacing damaging relational patterns with healthier and more compassionate ones, or increasing mutual support and co-regulation.

My areas of interest include:
● Complex, relational, and medical trauma
● Body image
● Self-criticism and shame
● Gender identity and sexual orientation exploration
● Parenting support
● Relationships

In my free time I enjoy connecting with friends and loved ones, lazing on the beach or wandering in the woods, finding quiet nooks in libraries or used bookstores, and drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea. I live with my three children, our rambunctious dog, Nova, and our elderly cat, Sonnet.


Jean Falls


The more we know about ourselves the better prepared we are to make good choices and meet life’s many challenges. If you are considering counseling, I am already impressed with your courage, curiosity, and commitment to yourself. These are precisely the qualities that will enable you to make excellent use of counseling. As you embrace this opportunity, what you learn from this experience will be yours for the rest of your life. No matter how many times I make this journey with clients, I continue to be amazed by the resilience that exists in each one of us, and I feel privileged to share this life affirming exploration.

My primary counseling style is solution focused. That does not mean that I ignore the challenges causing people to seek counseling. It does, however, mean that I believe focusing on the present and future to be more expedient and helpful. This is where our points of choice reside. The most difficult situations have solutions hidden within them. Counseling is work, but it is also an adventure.

My degrees are in nursing and counseling, and my clinical practice is informed by both areas of study. I have worked in rehabilitation, mental health, home care, executive coaching, and nursing education. Combining these two complementary professions has resulted in my having a keen interest in how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical condition and how all three influence who we are as a whole person. As the world around us is continually changing, so we are always in a state of becoming. I believe it is up to each one of us to discover our personal strength and move toward becoming the best that we can be. I am here to make this important journey with you.


Danielle Silbernagel


Hi, I’m Danielle – a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in the state of Washington. My philosophy is that healing occurs within. Sessions with me offer an inviting atmosphere of trust, compassion, and unconditional positive regard. I work with children, teens, and adults helping to facilitate growth through various approaches. It is an honor to assist you in developing healthy coping skills and reaching your goals toward a fulfilling life.

For Children and Teens
“Birds fly, fish swim, and children play.” – Garry Landreth.

I work with children and teens struggling with trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, life transitions, social and academic difficulties, self-esteem, self-harm, family conflict, communication skills, and boundaries.

For children 5 to 12 years old, I use a child-centered approach. Child-centered therapy allows children to express their emotions and struggles through the use of play.

With teens 13 and up, I will use a combination of therapeutic activities and traditional talk therapy to help them through their unique struggles.

Additionally, I use a collaborative approach enabling caretakers to help their children feel understood and supported outside the therapy room.

For Adults
“One step at a time is all it takes to get you there.” – Emily Dickinson.

I work with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, loss, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, self-harm, boundaries, trauma, and codependency.

I offer specialized trauma services via Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is a psychotherapy technique that enables people to heal from disturbing life events. EMDR focuses on the past, present, and future – helping clients to create new meaning from past experiences.

About Me
My hobbies include spending time outdoors, hiking, exercising, cooking, reading, and gardening. I am always open to new experiences, trying a new hobby, traveling, and learning.


Anna Elkin


I’m a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Associate. I have my degree in psychology and received my Masters in Social Work from Ole Miss. I have past experience working with children in the school setting and also at a child advocacy center with children who are victims of abuse.

I have a passion for working with children because let’s be honest- being a kid can be hard. I’m here to help you navigate life stages whether it be walking the halls of elementary school or dealing with past trauma.

While my primary approaches are based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I take an eclectic approach to therapy, tailoring treatment plans to each client’s individual needs. I firmly believe that there is no one size fits all treatment plan, and I aim to take a collaborative approach, working with my clients to figure out what best works for them. My goal is to help clients realize their strengths, acquire coping skills, and feel empowered in their everyday lives.

More about Me- I was an athlete in college, so I enjoy running, biking, or being outside when it’s sunny! I love having quiet evenings with a good book, but also love surrounding myself with good friends and family.

Kelsey Valach

Kelsey Valach


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, specializing in child/family therapy and early intervention for infants/toddlers. I work with children and their parents to navigate challenges related to trauma, anxiety, life-changes, depression, ADHD, emotion regulation, ASD, and social skills. I also provide parenting support for a variety of behavioral/emotional challenges with children of any age. I work from a strengths-based perspective to help children and families build healthy relationships, understand their emotions, and develop the tools they need to take on challenges with confidence.

Our strength lies in our core relationships, which is why I work from an attachment perspective that aims to first meet our need for connection and felt safety. Our relationships with our caregivers shape us profoundly, from our self-confidence to our ability to manage emotions and relate to others. And while it is said, "It takes a village to raise a child," often families feel isolated in the struggles of parenting. Parent coaching can be a part of that "village" supporting you and your family through life's challenges.

Being understood is a deep need for all of us, and I aim to create a space where children and parents can bring their hurts, joys, and truest selves. Just as important is understanding ourselves and our emotions, a process that unlocks opportunities for growth. I bring a neuroscience-based perspective that connects our experiences to how we are fundamentally wired as humans.

I work with children, youth, and families to find practical tools to improve self-regulation, social skills, resilience, and family harmony.

I incorporate multiple modalities into my work, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I am additionally trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention, Beyond Behaviors, Promoting First Relationships, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. Above all, I strive to meet clients where they are and set a course towards growth based on your goals and values.

When I'm not in the office, I am likely hiking, baking, snowboarding, planning my next travel adventure, or curled up with a book and an oversized cup of tea.

Antony Wolf Narciso

Antony Wolf Narciso


My name is Antony, and I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate here at Dayspring. I come to Dayspring with several years experience in community mental health and residential treatment. I am passionate about therapy, connection, and the relationships that mold us in our lives.

Who I Work With
My focus has always centered around helping the marginalized. As a mixed race person, I’ve found significance in identity and our expression of who we really are and I love helping people find and embrace the life they truly want to live. I have worked primarily with adults of all ages, and find that I’m well-suited to work with teens and young adults as well. Common issues I’ve helped others face include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, emotional regulation, LGBTQ+ issues, multicultural concerns, and personality disorders.

How I Work
I consider myself a relational therapist and I value the connections made with my clients. It’s a privilege to be brought into a person’s life and to help them find both themselves and the tools and abilities to heal. There is no one perfect type of therapy, but my strength is in a combination of evidenced-based practices with emphasis on cognitive-behavioral, narrative, existential, and person-centered therapies.

More About Me
In my free time I love to write and play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. Creative expression through storytelling is one of my favorite ways to decompress! I also enjoy spending time with my pets, playing video and board games, and watching movies of all kinds.

“When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad!” - Cave Johnson

Anna Schoner

Anna Schoner


Who I Am Professionally
I am a mental health counselor with a passion for helping individuals who are struggling with mental and situational challenges. I view my therapy work with clients as collaborative, person-centered, and strength-based: empowering you to manage and thrive through life’s challenges. Areas that I focus on include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, self image, body image, major life transitions, grief and loss, career counseling, interpersonal concerns, and finding purpose and meaning in life. However, I have experience working with individuals with diverse areas of concerns. I believe that counseling is a process that is actively engaged in by both the counselor and the client. I strive to offer a warm, understanding, non-judgmental, compassionate and knowledgeable environment in order for both of us to work together to provide you with the support you need to navigate through life. Moreover, I am dedicated to doing what I can to assist you in working through your individual or interpersonal concerns.

How I Help
I employ humanistic-existential based counseling in my therapy work. Yet, I recognize that all people are unique and strive to integrate evidence-based treatment approaches as I see fit. I take an integrative approach in order to address cognitions, behaviors, experiences, and emotions which may have negatively impacted you. My goal is to build a strong therapeutic relationship with you to tailor therapy to your specific needs so that you can find meaning and purpose within hardships, grow as a person, and remain open to the possibility of change.

More About Me
I am passionate about my therapy work and am constantly honored to be a part of others’ personal journey, healing, and growth. Before I became a therapist I worked in multiple research settings with individuals who experienced memory and cognitive impairment, survived cancer, experienced emotion regulation difficulties, and those living with HIV. Outside of my therapy work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, in nature, with my dog, listening and playing music, reading, writing and baking.


Emma Peterson


My name is Emma (she/her). I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate working at Dayspring. I specialize in working with children and teens who have experienced trauma, those facing depression, experiencing anxiety and low-self esteem, or are just having a hard time living this thing we call life. I strongly believe that every person deserves someone who will never give up on them. That is who I can be for you.

My clinical experience includes: four years as a counselor for teen survivors of sexual exploitation who also experienced juvenile justice involvement, substance use, and multiple mental health diagnoses, and one year providing therapy to children and their families. As a therapist, I bring my whole self into the room and practice therapy from a trauma-informed lens.

During my free time, you can find me on a basketball court, reading Steven King, or playing card games with my friends and family. I have a black cat named Kenny who provides endless entertainment and priceless cuddles.

As a white, cis-gender female, I intentionally acknowledge and challenge implicit bias. I am dedicated to continuously educating myself and expanding my cultural competency. Every part of your identity will be valued and honored in my safe place. I will walk beside you in your journey of healing and self-discovery. Doing the work may not feel easy, but you are not alone, and you are worth it.

Kory Ganuelas

Kory Ganuelas


“I can see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are” -Mewtwo

I am a postgraduate Mental Health Counselor with a passion to help children, teens and adults working to achieve their goals and their best selves. I specialize in children coming with lots of experience working with kids and teens of all ages, from camp counselors, to working with the YMCA, as well as being a preschool teacher. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-focused CBT with my clients to address depression, anxiety and trauma or any other difficulties that come your way. We’ll work together to find a plan and treatment that works for you. We will utilize your strengths, social supports and develop new coping skills and techniques that can help combat struggles and help navigate life. When working with clients, I’m comfortable working with diagnoses like depression, anxiety, trauma related incidents, behavioral concerns and motivational concerns.

About me, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I am a big nerd, I love Pokemon, playing DnD, watching anime and playing video games in general. I have a lot of other nerdy interests but those are the big ones. I also enjoy climbing, swimming, and going on walks. I’m from Yakima, WA, and proud of my Native American heritage.

“We do have a lot in common. The same Earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same instead of what’s different… well, who knows!” Meowth

Zoraida Price

Zoraida Price


"If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present...gratefully." - Maya Angelou

Hello there. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with experience in providing therapy to children, adolescents and young adults - and their families. I have helped with treating the following conditions, wherever they may fall along their respective continuums : depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, other mood and anxiety-related disorders, sleep issues, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and other neurological conditions.

Therapy is not for the faint of heart. I am proud of you for your bravery in seeking help for what brings you to therapy and in your decision to receive help. As daunting as therapy may seem, you will not be alone. With me as your therapist, you'll get a teammate : to be with you, to cheer you on, encourage you, sometimes challenge you, offer support, and to sit with you in those difficult moments. Research has shown, the strongest factor for treatment is a positive therapeutic relationship. This is the foundation of my therapeutic style. You are the expert in your life (or your child's life) and I strive to provide a safe environment, with no judgment but with understanding, in which to explore your personal thoughts, memories, beliefs and feelings. I also encourage you to ask questions, as it is your right to know what to expect in treatment.

In therapy, I tend to approach issues from a cognitive behavioral stance, while appreciating the environment of your life - past, present, and systematic. I view thoughts as having an impact on subsequent emotions, behavior, and physical sensations. What you choose for your goals in therapy will define what skills/methods I will employ. Primarily, I use therapeutic and evidence-based techniques and tools from mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) and share my knowledge with you to empower you with what you may be going through. No one person who has the same condition is going to experience it in the same way, which is why I use skills from a variety of treatment modalities.

More About Me :
Outside of the office, I enjoy reading horror, cross-stitching, spending time with my pets (two dogs and a cat), spending time with friends, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"People start to heal the moment they feel heard." - Cheryl Richardson

Mariel Macauley

Mariel Macauley


My clinical experience includes working in a variety of settings including public schools, residential treatment, and juvenile detention. The population in these settings have included individuals with various concerns and needs from diverse social and multicultural backgrounds.

My passion is to help children and adolescents thrive by cultivating greater self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance. By using mindfulness-based approaches and building a strong relationship grounded in playfulness and authenticity, I provide a safe, non-judgmental place where self-knowing leads to growth and well-being. I strive to promote emotional intelligence by helping children and adolescents learn how to identify and effectively express their feelings and thoughts as well as choose effective coping tools in order to regulate through difficult moments.

My style is collaborative, fluid, and dynamic. Though trained in person-centered methods, I work from a trauma informed, neurobiological, and strengths-based perspective and apply a comprehensive accumulation of modalities including play therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and motivational interviewing.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Most of the time, you can find me in the company of my two dogs whether outside playing or on an adventurous road trip.

Tasha Feng

Tasha Yibeyin


How I help:
Each person embarks on a journey that’s unique, maybe not always easy to see. Sometimes when we have roadblocks or forks in the road, or sometimes the journey just feels a bit isolating at times. I believe we can all benefit from a companion who truly cares, listens, and provides a safe and accepting space along the way. It is my hope and privilege to be one of those companions to you. I work with clients, both children and adults, ages 10 and up of various backgrounds and walks of life. My specialty includes helping kids and teenagers navigate the socioemotional challenges of school life, and connecting with those who have multicultural backgrounds, and/or speak English as a second or third language. I look forward to learning your story and actively supporting your goals and your wellness.

More about me:
I was lucky enough to live and teach English as a foreign language in Japan and volunteered for the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. It’s been a fascinating and humbling experience to live with and learn from different cultures and societies, whether it’s on the western edge of Tokyo or a northern village in Tigray. Some sources of joy and self-care in my life include dance, games, art, and animals.

When I came back to the US in 2020, I decided to change my career to mental health counseling. I earned my Master’s degree in school counseling and did my internship at Beaver Lake Middle School in Sammamish, helping kids and consulting with parents regarding a variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, culture shock, executive functioning, peer/teacher/family conflict, language barriers and family changes

Quotes I resonate with:
“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you go; they merely determine where you start” – Dr Lauren Fogel Mersy

“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.” — Lisa Olivera

“We are not our trauma. We are not our brain chemistry. That’s part of who we are, but we’re so much more than that.” ― Sam J. Miller
Let’s connect soon!

Benjamin Jamie Williams

Benjamin “Jamie” Williams


In 2023, I graduated from the University of Washington Child and Adolescent Psychology Master's program. I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of children, adolescents and adults, including those on the autism spectrum, those experiencing OCD, anxiety, ADHD, and depression symptoms. Above all, my approach to healthcare is rooted in compassion and respect for my patients.

Compassionate Care
I firmly believe that you hold the deepest understanding of your own life experiences. As your therapist, my role is to adapt my interventions to meet your unique needs. Together, we'll explore your thoughts and emotions in a safe and supportive space. I hope to provide this secure environment, guide you through challenging moments, and help you discover solutions that are attainable and personally meaningful.

A Family-Centered Approach
In my practice, I acknowledge the crucial role of the family and community support systems in therapy outcomes. I have extensive experience working with families to ensure the best care possible for their children. I value a collaborative approach, where caregivers' insights and support inform treatment decisions while respecting patient privacy and individuality.

Drawing from Experience
My background in psychology has equipped me with a wide array of experiences. At Seattle Children's Hospital, I served as a RUBI (Research Units in Behavioral Intervention) clinician, offering training to caregivers of children on the autism spectrum. Additionally, I've worked at an outpatient clinic, providing therapy to children and adolescents experiencing OCD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD symptoms. My repertoire includes leading support groups and individual therapy, both in-person and virtually, with inspiration from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Response Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and play therapy. As an undergraduate, I studied abroad in Spain, and I have my Bachelor’s in Spanish and Psychology. I have very fond memories of working as a summer camp counselor, as an Oregon Shakespeare Festival student ambassador, and as a swim coach. Drawing from these experiences, I approach our sessions with curiosity and creativity, all while applying evidence-based treatments.

Beyond Counseling
In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. When it’s too rainy to go out, you might find me reading, writing, painting, cooking or playing board games with friends and family. I always relish any opportunity to travel, but I also like volunteering at my local food bank and giving back to my community. I love dogs, and my lab-dalmatian-spaniel mix is my constant companion.

I'm excited to learn more about you!


Lily Blazina


Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step, thank you for taking that step, I am glad to walk with you.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate who is passionate about improving the lives and mental health of children, teens, and by extension their families. I have a special interest in working with middle school- and high school-aged youth who face challenges with anxiety and depression as well as supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community. I am passionate about working with adolescents and their families as they navigate this transitional phase of their lives and develop their unique sense of self. My style as a therapist is open-minded, collaborative, and flexible. I use evidence-based and trauma-informed treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a framework for a person-centered treatment. This can be effective for my clients in building/promoting coping skills and other tools to manage and navigate areas of struggle and live emotionally healthy lives.

About Person-Centered Therapy
I take a person-centered approach to treatment. This means working to understand the whole person, not just the reasons (behaviors, thoughts, feelings, struggles, etc.) that brought them to seek therapy and support. I prioritize getting to know you, and developing trust and comfort between myself and my clients because I believe building a secure foundation is critical.

I will also work with you to create a plan adapted to you and your needs that incorporates your strengths and goals.

In striving to be a culturally-competent therapist, I want to make my treatments as adaptable to my client and their needs as possible. If there are cultural or religious traditions you wish to incorporate into your treatment, I will do my best to work with you on how to incorporate them.

More About Me
I love spending time with friends and family. On nice (or not extremely damp/cold) days, I enjoy being outside and going on walks, fishing, or finding a cool rock for my rock collection. When indoors, I enjoy listening to podcasts, painting with watercolors, and knitting while trying to keep my two (energetic) cats from messing with/eating my yarn!


Marina Spitz


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate with a specialization in co-occurring disorders. I received my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling Integrated with Co-Occurring disorders from the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School in Center City, Minnesota. I hold previous job experience working in an inpatient treatment facility, holding individual sessions with clients and conducting group counseling sessions. Additionally, I hold a Substance Use Dependence Professional license, as something I specialize in is working with individuals struggling with substance abuse and dependence.

I have experience working with individuals struggling with a multitude of different mental health concerns including anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, and mood disorders, among others. I also have a background working with young children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and/or other behavioral disorders.

I work with the perspective of you being the expert of your own healing. My job as your therapist will be to help guide you, and uncover how we can best work together as a team to address concerns and build new skills, so you can live your life in contentment and serenity, the way that you want to live it. For young children, my goal is to help create a cohesive family unit, by teaching coping skills to your child while providing parental guidance to you.

My work is heavily influenced by my belief that the best healing happens when we work together. I incorporate several modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Theory, and Attachment Theory.

Let’s work together, to help you overcome life's challenges and barriers, becoming the best version of yourself that you can be! Life is about progress, never perfection.

When I am not in the office, you will likely find me exploring the beauty of the world with childlike wonder! I enjoy traveling, and at least once a year you will find me at a Disney park. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, participating in outdoor activities, and playing softball on the weekends. While I consider myself an extrovert, sometimes nothing beats a hot cup of tea in front of my fireplace, with a good book and my two cats.

Pre-Licensed Counselors

Sierra Vogt

Sierra Vogt

Counseling Intern

Hello! I am a Masters-level intern at Dayspring Behavioral Health. This means I am in my final year of my master’s program at Seattle University for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Before and during my master’s program I have had the pleasure of working as a case manager for many people. I have worked with individuals with substance use disorder, housing insecurity, complex mental health diagnosis, and eating disorders. I intend to use my experience and knowledge gained from my education to collaborate on a personalized treatment with my clients.

Throughout my career I have worked with all ages, many cultural backgrounds, BIPOC community, and the LGBTQIA+ community. I hope to continue having a diverse caseload.

I believe that life is relational therefore the relationships that we have with ourselves, others, our environment, and our spirituality can inform our overall health. The theories I work within are Relational Cultural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Person-Centered Trauma Informed Care. Through my work I have enjoyed learning new ideas and observations through my clients.

When I am not working or studying, I like to spend time with my friends and family, reading murder mysteries, and playing with my cat. As a born and raised Midwesterner, I also like to spend as much time as possible near the Puget Sound.


Hannah LeFebvre

Counseling Intern

My name is Hannah and I am a clinical intern here at Dayspring Behavioral Health. I have a Bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in gender studies from the University of Puget Sound, and am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Seattle University. Prior to returning to school, I worked for a large healthcare organization in a variety of administrative and patient advocate positions for over eight years.

My Approach
I work with teens and adults, covering concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, LGBTQIA+ struggles, and identity exploration. I strive to create a safe, empathetic, and judgement-free space where people can explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Drawing from a strengths-based and client-centered perspective, as well as insights from somatic traumatic therapies, I work collaboratively with clients to uncover underlying patterns and address areas of change. By nurturing a strong therapeutic alliance, we embark on a journey towards self-discovery, fostering a deeper connection with the self and others. Together, we strive to embrace our authentic selves and navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

More About Me
When not in the office, I spend my time reading webcomics, being terrible at video games, and listening to wildly different genres of music. I also love fuzzy critters, lava cake, and all things Dungeons & Dragons. I can occasionally be persuaded to go out into nature by my friends and contemplate changing my hair color every few months.

“If you are feeling disheartened, that you are somehow not enough, set your heart ablaze.” - Kyojuro Rengoku


Jayne Steinbach

Counseling Intern

My passion is helping people overcome negative thought patterns and emotional hurdles like anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Through empathetic listening and fresh perspectives, I offer a safe space for growth and healing. My core belief is that while life's events are uncontrollable, our responses are within our power. Therapy provides the tools to better navigate life’s challenges.

As a clinical mental health counseling intern at Seattle University, I bring not just academic insights but also a rich life experience as a mother, spouse, daughter, sister, and friend. My background includes helping various age groups with self-destructive behaviors and addiction. My approach blends psychoeducation, solution-focused therapy, and strength-based therapy to help clients achieve improved mental well-being.

About me:
I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my dog, Spike! I like feeling connected to the outdoors and going for runs or walks, and I especially love the ocean. I also love singing, eating out at restaurants, and watching TV shows and movies.

Alicia Christian

Alicia Christian

Counseling Intern

I work with individuals of all ages, but I particularly love working with children/teens! I also enjoy doing therapy in various formats. In addition to providing individual therapy, I offer parent coaching, family therapy, couples counseling and EMDR therapy. My work utilizes therapeutic approaches such as Play Therapy, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy and Existential Therapy. My clients find me to be non-judgemental, supportive and encouraging. I am a firm believer in the power of vulnerability, introspection and growth, and strive to create a safe and non-judgemental space for all clients.

I love helping folks build skills to navigate various life challenges, and I am especially passionate about working with the LGBTQIA community. I love working with ASD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, social anxiety and social skills, self-esteem, perfectionism, stress management, boundaries, communication, relationship issues, family conflict and grief/loss.

Counseling can be beneficial during various juncture points in life. You don't necessarily need to be in crisis to benefit. Whether it be telehealth, or in-person, I can meet you for short-term life edits, or we can take things slow and process deeply. You decide what we work on and what direction we go in. I look forward to working with you!

Billing Team

Renee Hunter

Renee Hunter

Billing Manager

Renee has been working in the Behavioral Health Insurance field for 14 years. Renee enjoys contributing her administrative billing skills to ensure the overall success by bringing integrity, corporate compliance, privacy and FWA (Fraud, Waste & Abuse) standards to her daily workload. Renee is compassionate about being an advocate of protecting and valuing Patient PHI.

Renee appreciates the work culture Dayspring brings and the incredibly committed providers that render services on a daily basis. It really does make a great team to work with and when you do, collaboration is a key to success. That’s what makes DaySpring so wonderful to work for.

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." -Song of Songs 4:7

Spare time... I love spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, and I have an obsession for fashion!


Gale Jacobson

Billing Assistant

Myesha Craven


Patient Account Representative

I handle all matters pertaining to patient billing. It is important to me that I provide exceptional communication support to our patients. While doing so, I love building relationships with our patients to help ease the billing process. In my spare time, I enjoy watching a good movie, partaking in amazing eats, and spending time with my loved ones.

Amy Marquardt


Amy is a Medical Billing and claims recovery expert with over 15 years of experience in the Behavioral health Field. She shows dedication and commitment to her work. In addition she has a thorough understanding of Medicaid, Medicare & all Private/Commercial payers.
Amy enjoys meeting new people. Her interests include exercise, reading & hiking steep mountains.

Administrative Team

Sandy Seppi

Sandy Seppi

Lead Operations Coordinator

My name is Sandy and I work at the front desk taking your calls and scheduling appointments. It's important to me that your first interaction with our amazing counselors is a positive one.
I'm an avid reader and enjoy spending time with my family, taking in all that the beautiful northwest has to offer!
Nina Hufford

Nina Hufford

Testing Administrative Assistant

Heather Carey


Maple Valley Office Coordinator

My name is Heather and I work at the front desk taking your calls and scheduling appointments. It's important to me that your first interaction with our amazing counselors is a positive one.


Issaquah Office Coordinator

Hannah works at the Redmond office front desk taking your calls and scheduling appointments. It's important to me that your first interaction with our amazing counselors is a positive one.

I am a California native. I relocated in 2018 following my love for coffee as I worked at Starbucks and studied at Arizona State University. I graduated in 2021 with a bachelors in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurial studies. Prior to settling on my degree program I worked in various healthcare positions like C.N.A and Release of Information. Art has always been a passion of mine; the breadth of my art interests include woodworking, upholstery, drawing, but mostly I paint with oil on canvas. I love traveling, experiencing cultures outside of my own, learning new things and pushing my own physical limits in snowboarding.



Redmond Office Coordinator

My name is Ekta and I work at the front desk taking your calls and scheduling appointments. It's important to me that your first interaction with our amazing counselors is a positive one.