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Please call us to discuss current rates and your options for payment.


Insurance plans vary greatly. In network does not guarantee payment. Deductibles are the amount you owe before your insurance plan begins paying. It is your responsibility to know your deductible and coverage. Please ask the following questions of your insurance company before scheduling:

Do I have mental health benefits? Codes billed are 90791 for intake and 90837 for visits
What is my deductible and has it been met?
What is my co-pay or coinsurance per visit?
Do I have out of network benefits?

Most of our providers are in network with the following insurance companies. Please contact us for further information on network status per provider. We do not accept Medicaid/Apple Health or EAP.

Premera Blue Cross
Regence Blue Shield
Kaiser PPO
First Choice

If your insurance company is not on this list, we will bill on your behalf as out of network but you are responsible for payment at time of service. Please note that we are not in-network with Medicaid.


Comprehensive evaluations are billed at $4,000 out of pocket and include educational and neuropsychological tests. If you are using insurance some or most of the evaluation may be covered by your health plan. 

Does my plan cover neuropsychological testing? Codes billed are:

Intake Appointment with parent (CPT Code 90791)

Neuropsychological testing is billed over two dates of service to cover the full extent of our time administering, scoring and working on your evaluation. Intake and Feedback sessions are billed separately as (90791 and 90837)

Neuropsychological Services (CPT Code 96132 for the first 60 minutes, CPT Code 96133 for each additional hour) *Billed over two dates of service to cover administration and scoring time

Educational testing is focused on the child’s learning and academic strengths and weaknesses. Educational testing is included in all of Dr. Ford’s assessments in order to be comprehensive and appropriately address the child’s functioning in all areas. Insurance Companies do not cover Educational Testing or testing for Giftedness. The fee for these tests are $500 in addition to what your insurance plan does not cover for neuropsychological testing. 

Neuropsychological tests evaluate your child’s functioning in multiple domains; Cognitive, Language, Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Mood, Behavior, Adaptive, Social. Many insurance companies will pay for testing of neuropsychological processes if there is a concern in a child’s functioning. 

We will bill your insurance for the following evaluations and provide an estimation of benefits prior to testing.

  • Most Common: Full Battery (Combined Expanded Psychological + Full Psychoeducational; a full testing battery to determine in-depth all cognitive, emotional, and personality factors; or a complex psychoeducational): $4,000.00
  • Autism-Spectrum Disorder Evaluation: $4,000.00
  • Psychological Evaluation: $3,000.00

These evaluations have an additional $500 charge for educational consultation and materials. This fee is due at time of testing.

The following are not billable to insurance

  • IQ Testing only: $750.00. Achievement Testing only: $750.00
  • Readiness for Kindergarten Testing: $850.00