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Executive Function Coaching is more like tutoring, than counseling.

Coaches help students look ahead, lay out strategies for success, and set short-term and long-term goals to be met. Many students have a fixed mindset that believes those things which have been hard in the past will continue to be as difficult forever. Not true. The brains of students don’t stop growing until adulthood. Our coaches will help them develop a growth mindset, which understands that they can continue to learn and grow, even in the areas where they have struggled.

Excellent coaches bring significant results for students.

Those who have partnered with a skilled math, science or English tutor, understand how impactful they can be. Or, maybe your son or daughter has played for an inspiring basketball or soccer coach, who helped them excel in ways they didn’t think possible. The same is true for EF coaches, who guide students toward improving their organization, time management, motivation, concentration and focus, and flexibility as situations change suddenly. Just like great tutors and coaches in other contexts, the question isn’t whether it’s beneficial, but how well the coach connects with a student, and inspires them toward progress.

Coaching is holistic and does not focus on one area.

An EF coach guides students with deficiencies that affect life at school, home, or the community. They address matters related to everything from academics, to chores, to social life. The skills and tools learned with EF coaches today will help them during the current school year and in the years to follow, which is crucial as life gets more complicated and increased independency becomes necessary.